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ROAM SoundSense Kids' On Ear Headphones
ROAM SoundSense Kids' On Ear Headphones
Roam SoundSense Headphones
ROAM SoundSense Kids' On Ear Headphones
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ROAM SoundSense Kids' On Ear Headphones
Sound Sense Headphones

ROAM SoundSense Kids' On Ear Headphones

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Protect your child's ears with reduced Decibel headphones

Roam SoundSense headphones and earphones are lightweight, comfortable and protect your child's ears with a reduction in Decibel exposure. Stylish design and a detachable lead ensure your kids look cool and will not break a cable.

  1. KID-PROOF CABLE - Our SoundSense on-ear headphones include a rugged, child-proof cable that has been specifically designed with increased durability in mind and made to withstand the unpredictability of everyday life. This protects the cable from knotting and reduces fraying
  2. CHILD FRIENDLY VOLUME LIMITING - These on-ear headphones have been designed to be child friendly - a volume limiter has been added for maximum safety.
  3. LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - The stylish, lightweight and ergonomic design of these child specific headphones means your little ones can easily carry and store their headphones inside a backpack when they're on the move for added convenience.
  4. RUBBERISED FINISH - A rubberised finish and soft-ear cushions provide for a comfortable fit if kids are using these headphones for extended periods of time such as listening to music or watching movies
  5. ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND - SoundSense headphones allow the child to adjust the headband with ease ensuring that the headphones feel comfortable when worn over longer periods, especially when travelling for example.